Jul 12, 2009

Banderas Bay

Just hanging out for a nice, long week exploring Banderas Bay. Yelapa, Las Tres Marietas and Punta Mita. It was off-season and therefore no crowds. Hot and humid, with cooling rain almost every night including some fabulous thunderstorms accompanied by pyrotechnic lightening.

Yelapa offers a laid-back, rustic Mexican village set against a breathtakingly beautiful anchorage. A separate beach centers around tourist activity, but particularly in the off season, we enjoyed access to it. The locals made the entire experience that much more enjoyable. You don't want to be here, however, if there is any swell or weather from the North as you are completely exposed.

The water in Banderas Bay, at 93 - 94 degrees F, reminded me of the Caribbean. It is supposed to be the beginning of the real tuna season, but we had no luck whatsoever trolling, even though we went out to Corbetena on a glorious sun-filled day. Fishing off the boat in Yelapa was another story, however, with scrad, bonito and boohoo hitting casted lures.

Snorkeling at the middle Tres Marietas island treated us to very clear water and schools of tropical fish. Particularly remarkable were the largest schools of king angel fish then I'd ever seen.

Punta Mita, convieniently located less than 10NM away from the middle Tres Marietas, is a reasonable anchorage as long as there is no southern swell. We've not yet ventured ashore there.

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