Jan 24, 2009

KEWA Fishing

Trolling for tuna, dorado, wahoo and sailfish adds yet another dimension of enjoyment to cruising.

Every now and then things work out right.

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Jan 4, 2009

La Paz to Ixtapa -- Leg III -- Into Ixtapa

Leg III -- Tentacatita to Ixtapa

225nm to Ixtapa. The weather remained calm -- sailing winds picked up with the sunrise, but would quickly taper off to glass waters and the need to motor. The temperature was perfect and idyllic is the only way to describe the entire experience. On our our way down the Gold Coast, we had our first a major fishing run. Hooked 3 dorados (landed none -- which is another story), and hooked two sailfish, landing a single amazing specimen.

Ixtapa itself is gorgeous. Breathtaking beauty, tropical setting, beaches with the softest sand in the world, and great nearby anchorages. Snorkeling with no wet suit and never getting even the slightest bit cold was greatly appreciated by the entire family.

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Jan 3, 2009

La Pax to Ixtapa -- Leg II -- To Tentacatita

A 30 nm jog into a southerly wind to get to Tentacatita. This is a large bay, but really quite protected. We anchored inside Punta Chubasco to get out of the swell and any wind. Plus, the dingy trip up the "jungle river" seemed like a must do.