Dec 26, 2007

Turtle Bay to Bahia Santa Maria

The strong winds passed and we were on our way to BSM.

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Dec 25, 2007

San Diego to Turtle Bay

There is something exciting and exotic about leaving the country. With Evett as first mate, and Alec (7) and Kirstin (5), we departed on schedule from San Diego bound for ports south. A major coastal adventure, no matter how you looked at it. KEWA was pristine and well-provisioned. We had three weeks free, and dropped the dock lines with the goal of ending up in Mazatlan, Mexico. First stop -- Turtle Bay. Downwind conditions, but not a lot of wind. We departed at night before Christmas and had an uneventful cruise to Turtle Bay. We arrived Christmas Eve in a dead calm, but experienced a major blow on Christmas Day, enough to keep us hunkered down on the boat.

Nov 25, 2007

San Francisco to San Diego

Beginning of the voyage south on a quest for tropical waters. Had a really intriguing crew assembled, but a weather system up north introduced a system of large waves and I saw no reason to depart San Francisco Bay to sail, intentionally, into uncomfortable weather. Waited a week for the weather to pass and was able to find two great crew -- Patrick and xxx. As these things go, we of course, ended up motoring most of the way. Some downwind sailing with the spinnaker flying asymetrically, but a lot of motoring. KEWA performed flawlessly. I really wanted a tuna, but I still had some to learn about fishing off a sail boat. We had a great cruise, ended by a way too big bender at the restaurant down the road from the marina in San Diego. And I mean way too big.